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Vendor Details

Date: Saturday, April 23
Hours: 10am – 4pm
Location: Balloon Fiesta Park
Expected attendance: 3,000+

  • Vendors will be placed throughout, and alongside, the brewery and distillery tents.
  • The vendor fees below do not include electricity nor professionally installed tents.
  • Vendors are welcome to provide their own tents and decor.

Vendor Fees & Expenses:

  • Food Trucks/Trailers, very limited availability: $300
  • Packaged food vendors: $200 (not including CABQ permit fee if required)
  • Art, Craft, Wellness, and other products: $200
  • Lead Generation/Commercial Info Booth: $750
    – Tent rental: includes table, chairs, and side-walls for overnight security:  $120
    – Access to electricity: $TBD

All vendors will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance with event producers listed as Additional Insured.

Any questions, please contact:

Blue River Productions
Dean Strober or Lorianna Marrone
(505) 933-8650


Vendor Application