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Brewery & Distillery Team Sponsorship

All sponsoring breweries, distilleries, and wineries receive the following:

  • A Team in the Tournament (5v5 format, Co-Ed, 6-8 players, minimum)
  •  – Your team may be composed of any friends, family, staff, associates, etc. Minimum age to play is 18.
  •  – If you have difficulty filling your roster, we will direct individual player inquires to you. 
  • You will receive 10 jerseys for your team customized with your business logo (one-color imprint only).
  •  – If you choose to partner with another business, you may share the imprint area with their logo.
  • 10 complimentary tickets for friends and family.
  • 4 staff passes, or more if needed.
  • 10’ x 10’ festival vending space. We expect approximately 3500 attendees.
    -This space is to conduct sampling and onsite sales of drinks by the glass, or packaged for take-home.
    -If you co-sponsor a team with a partner business, they too will receive 10×10 space at the Event.
    -Team sponsors may provide their own tent or we can provide one. Tent rental fee may apply.
    -$100 credit with the onsite ice-vendor. 

NOTE: All tasting ticket holders will be provided with a commemorative pint glass and only 8-10 complimentary tastes of beer, pre-mixed cocktails, or wine, poured by team sponsors. All additional drinks are for purchase.

  • Only breweries, distillers, and wineries sponsoring teams will have a presence at the event.
  • At present, we are capping the total number of breweries, distillers, and wineries to 20.

Team Sponsorship fee: $500.00 (includes permit fees)



Can a brewery or distillery partner with other local businesses to share the sponsorship fee?

Yes. You may also share the imprint area on the t-shirt with your partner business(es). The imprint color must be the same for all logos.

If we partner with another business to sponsor a team, will they also receive event passes?

All teams receive 10 complimentary passes to distribute as they wish. You may share these with partners businesses.

Can a sponsoring team charge their players to play and participate?


What if you cannot find enough players?

Don’t worry, we will connect you with individuals who reach out to us looking to play.

What do players receive?

  • Admission to the event.
  • Branded jersey with the logo of their sponsoring brewery or distillery.


Team Sponsor Registration